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The Wallboard

Powering stats for Warehouse and Customer Services teams

Your business is your baby

Today's businesses have more stats than you can shake a stick at. Our wallboard grabs all the important information from your systems and displays the right information at the right time.

The Clever Comms Wallboard

A window on your business

Your teams will work better with the informarion they need at a glance. Our  wallboard gives answers to important questions to help your daily business processes, such as

Our wallboards are customised to fit the ebb and flow of your business, but the following are real-world examples.

Picking & Packing

Boxes, bubblewrap and sticky tape

Your warehouse team can see how many orders are required to be picked and packed. They can easily identify how many orders shipping urgently (such as Next Day, or items that are Click & Collect).

If your invoices or packing notes contain a barcode, our Barcode Scanner technology keeps a tally of orders picked by desk. When you choose to display this in the packing area, we find a little friendly competition helps keep the team motivated.

(And in the management area on your wallboard, you can keep an eye on the average pack time per desk.)

Can be customised

to show your appropriate shipping services

Works with

StoreFeeder multi-channel order management software and Clever Comms' Barcode Scanner technology

Possible to integrate

with other order management software (such as Veeqo, BrightPearl, Linnworks)

Telephone Customer Services

Hello, how can I help?

See how many calls your telephone team are taking each day, and how long your customers (or prospective customers) have to wait.

The wallboard display also enables a telephone team working from anywhere to understand how the warehouse is operating, to assist with customer responses.

Can be customised

to show different call stats

Works with

Clever Comms telephone system

Possible to integrate

Asterisk-based telephone systems

Email Customer Services

Keep track of your tickets

Keeping on top of your email replies can be quite a challenge - and if they're not answered in a timely manner, often results in a phone call from a customer!

Having an eye on the number of outstanding tickets helps management understand if you've enough team members.

If you have a custom workflow, we can also help get the relevant information into separate widgets.

Can be customised

to fit your workflow

Works with


Possible to integrate

Other email ticketing software (such as Kayako, Zendesk, HubSpot)

All powered by Raspberry Pi computers

Simply plug-in and go

We manage the system for you. And we trust the Great British Raspberry Pi, a dinky little computer which is small and light enough to Velcro to the back of your HD TV or monitor (through an HDMI port)! They connect to your WiFi to download the latest stats regularly, so you're always up to date.

Need more visibility? Simply drop another Raspberry Pi in - and add more as you go!

Customers love it ❤️

Powering stats for the warehouse and customer services team

We're dead proud of our little solution - and our customers are too!

We know it could help your business. Pop us a message or give us a call and we'll tell you more!

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